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What Difference Between Lipstick and Lip Gloss

Lipstick and lip gloss equally important and pigment product of lips that is used for enhancing makeup for girls. Both give a lovely effect to any girl and make an attractive look. The two makeup products are highly admired by girls and it can transform look instantly. These products have a definite difference that enhances the look of any girl and makes them pretty. And the most crucial part of any event or wedding and extremely sophisticated for them but has different too.

What Difference Between Lipstick and Lip Gloss

Difference Between Lipstick and Lip Gloss


Lipstick provides the dense color that also comes in many textures. The rich colors come in light or dark that will be suitable for day or night functions.

What Difference Between Lipstick and Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss:

Lip Gloss gives a shine and gloss to lips and handy to keep in your handbags. It comes in wands, tubes, and pots that can be applied quickly. It could wear off easily and not a tricky chore.

What Difference Between Lipstick and Lip Gloss

The Difference Between Lipstick and Lip Gloss:

Lipstick and lip Gloss have definite differences which makes each one better than is another. These cosmetic products give attraction and lure to anyone.

  • Texture:

Lipstick and lip Gloss have different textures. Lipsticks come in creamy and thick texture on the other hand lip gloss is a light weight product. Both cosmetic products give moisturizing and shiny lips, but lip gloss remains from last.

  • Wear:

The lipstick and lip Gloss are richer and denser but you can instantly remove the gloss than a lipstick. The slippery gloss cannot remain on the lips for a long time.

  • Coverage:

The lipstick covered your full lips and lip gloss is sheerer than lipstick. Those who liked wear fully enhanced look they prefer to wear lipsticks.

  • Dryness:

The other difference of lipstick and lip Gloss is dryness. Lipstick makes your lips dry, but lip Gloss keeps it moist and even daily application of lipstick can crack your lips as well. Many girls prefer to wear gloss that the lips remain moist for a long time.

  • Conclude:

Lipstick and lip gloss both are available in markets with a different brand name. The lipstick comes in rich colors, but lip gloss in not available in dense colors. There are many shades available in both products, but you need to pick your favorite one. You can decide your favorite product by matching it with your outfit and hairstyle too. And choose the best color or brand for your lips. The subtle lip color may be complemented for bright outfits and decide the lip color according to day or night functions.

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