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Pregnancy Diet Plan Week By Week During Pregnancy
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Pregnancy Diet Plan Week By Week

Pregnancy is such a very weak and sensitive stage or a period of women life in this period you have to make sure about your health because if you are healthy then your baby will become healthy too. So if you want a healthy baby so you must have to be healthy which is only possible by a good and healthy diet. The early day of pregnancy is most sensitive stage where you have to be careful about your health. So you should plan the pregnancy diet plan very healthy. And if you plan the diet for pregnancy so all nutrients, minerals, protein, vitamins should be in your diet chart such as fish, milk, beef, mutton, green vegetables, and also the fruits.

Pregnancy Diet Plan Week By Week

Pregnancy Diet Plan Week By Week

Here we are discussing some major instruction for pregnancy diet plan in pregnancy period week by week which are as follows:

From Start Week To 8th Week:

First of all you must be hydrated during the pregnancy period you must have to drink water or fluids at-least 10 to 12 glasses each day. And be sure about the water filtration. You should drink coconut water, skimmed milk, and one of the most important thing is banana shake.

Pregnancy Diet Plan Week By Week

From 9th Week To 12th Week

In these weeks you should take vitamins which are really important for the growth of your baby. If you are taking meat or dairy products then you’re improbable to be lacking in vitamin B12. If you are a vegetarian, you will either need to include sufficiently of foods that are encouraged with vitamin B12, or take a supplement. And you also need magnesium in these weeks which helps to make and repair the tissues of your body.

Pregnancy Diet Plan Week By Week

From 13th Week To 16th Week:

In these weeks you have to take iron in rich quantity. You can gain iron easily from lean red meat, fishes and poultry.  You should not drink coffee and tea because they absorb iron which is not good. You should drink pomegranate juice and sapota(chiko) shake and mango shake which are really effective.

From 17th To 20th:

In these weeks you should take omega 3fatty acid which you can get from soya beans, walnuts, eggs, green vegetables, and milk. You can also eat fishes. You also need iodine in these weeks which you can get from meat, cereals, pulses, dairy products.

Pregnancy Diet Plan Week By Week

From 21th To 24th:

In these weeks if you got constipation so you should take cereals like cracked wheat, nuts, fresh fruits and also vegetables. You also need vitamin A in these weeks which is very important for the developing baby’s health.

From 25th To 33th:

In these weeks you should drink more water as much as you can drink and in these days you also need of vitamin Dand calcium, you should drink almond milk, apple juice, carrot juice and grapes juice, which are very beneficial for pregnancy diet plan.

From 34th To 40th:

In these weeks if you are suffering from indigestion or acidity you should not take chocolate, coffee and citrus fruits.

Pregnancy Diet Plan Week By Week

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